Love’s Dynamic

A 20 year collection of observations and research on what love is, what it is to be human, and the effects of human energy.


This guide could have been named "A Practical Guide for Changing the World". The concept is simple enough. All life is connected - from the smallest microscopic cell to the immensity of the universe and everything in between. Every single person has an effect on this pond we call life. We all contribute to it and are responsible for its health. Good, or at least better, health is promoted through knowledge and by individual choices that are based on the characteristics of love. Making those choices requires acknowledging and using our individual power, knowing what love is, knowing ourselves, and monitoring the thoughts and emotions that influence our actions. By understanding and ‘owning’ these concepts we can each do our part to ensure that our contribution to life on this planet is positive rather than negative.

The Greek root of the word dynamic means power and strength (dunamikos - powerful; dunamis - power; dunasthai - to be able, see). One definition of dynamics is the controlling force of any kind and the study of that force. It pertains to energy or power; to motion causing change.

Love becomes a controlling force in our life by first understanding its core elements and characteristics – Love’s Code. The next step is to measure, through a process of self-assessment, how well we are aligned with Love’s Code in our thoughts and actions, which includes understanding the complex influences that colour our thinking and pattern of behaviour. The third step, a life-long endeavour, is to implement the qualities of love into all aspects of our life.

Undertaking and implementing the study of love results in change. While the degree of change depends on a number of factors, it is certain that the quality of our inner life changes for the better. That change is then reflected outward both in our actions and the energy other people feel.

"I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might."

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.  © 2017

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